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1st OCT - 31st OCT

The Winter of Code is a program aimed to increase participation for the Google Summer of Code program among students in colleges and universities.

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Winter of Code is here to light up your winter spirits with the wide world of open source development. This initiative aims to prepare you for the grand Google Summer of Code. Join us for a month-long programming project with an open-source organization.

As a part of the Winter of Code, students are paired with mentors from the participating organisation. This initiative aims at developing your skills in real-world software development in a wide range of specializations. In turn, the participating organisation gets to know your potential and also gives you the correct exposure that you need in your formative years. Above all, we hope you get encouraged into the world of open source and develop more code for the benefit of all.

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How does the program work?

Students : Interested students can register for the Winter of Code. Selected students work with mentors of their organization they are accepted for. If accepted, students integrate with their organizations prior to the start of coding, learning more about their organization’s community. Students then have the month to code, meeting the deadlines agreed upon with their mentors.

Organizations : Open source organizations can apply to be mentor organizations. Once accepted, organizations discuss possible ideas with students and then decide on the proposals they wish to mentor for the summer. They provide feedback to help guide each student through the program. Mentors and students work together to determine appropriate milestones and requirements for the summer. Mentor interaction is a vital part of the program. Applications for Mentor Organizations is now open.

Mentors : Mentors review student code samples multiple times to give feedback and determine if the students have successfully completed their Winter of Code 2019 project. Students are then notified of the pass/fail status and schwags are delivered to successful students.

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